Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Western food@Commonwealth Market

Demona: Dogma and I wanted to have a change on our dinner venues, usually Holland V, Clementi or his humble home, we headed to Commonwealth Avenue market, which was located nearby where I'm staying.

Demona: Many of the stalls here were closed at night. We had no idea what's good to try out in this place. We took a little stroll around the area, scouting for stalls that would catch our foodventura eyes. That was when we saw.......

Demona: THIS! SUCH A LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.. queue. I peeked in, and I saw this skinny chinese man, with huge and thick black framed glasses on a ONE-MAN show. He has no helper. He deep fries the french fries, breadcrumb coated pork/chicken chops, grills the pork/chicken cutlets or steaks, cooks the mixed vegetables and baked beans, steams the buns, takes the orders, does the cashier job, and also washes the dishes. IN ONE GO. I swear, he's actually an alien octopus disguised as a man to blend into society.

Most of all, he seemed quite tolerant and patient towards the long, awaited undecided customers. Despite having time to think of what to order before his/her turn, when the turn comes, many still "errrr...", "ahhhhhhhh...." "What is the difference betwee pork chop and cutlet?" "one pork chop.... eh no, wait, change to steak, eh no wait, okok.. pork cutlet"

Under normal circumstances, a man as busy as he is will probably lose his cool, but yet.. this octopus man stayed calm and nicely answered his customers. THUMBS UP TO YOU, OCTO MAN!

Demona: I ordered the chicken chop, grilled and drizzled over with sweet, thickened sauce with mixed vegetables, french fries and a bun as sidelines. SGD 6. The chicken meat was quite juicy and tender, a grilling job nicely done. The portion was quite huge as well. Both of us shared this meal and we were left feeling quite full too.

Verdict: Tastewise, it was slightly above average. However, for this portion, we can actually get this a dollar plus more cheaper in many places around. But I guess, I had to give him some credits for running a one man show business, especially a foodstall that requires cooking on the spot rather than pre-cooked dishes. OCTO MAN, you deserve the extra dollar plus!

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