Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jai Thai @ Clover Road

Demona: Both of us were craving for some "Sawadikap!" action but recently, our pockets had become a little dry due to many things happening. A bright shiny light bulb came popping out of Dogma's intelligent mind. He drove us over to this quiet, homely looking Thai restaurant, located at Clover road, tucked in nicely within a housing area. I did raise concern on overspending on food, but he told me that this place serves one of the most economical authentic Thai food in Singapore. Jai Thai was also one of his regular lunch spots during work.

Demona: I ordered the beef brisket noodles. SGD 3 (CHEAPPPP!) The soup was very flavourful, peppery and beeeffffff-y. A lot of spring onion slices and bean sprouts were added into the noodles too. The stewed beef chunks portion was quite big for one person. Both of us had satisfying chews on the tender, juicy succulent beef even though we shared.

Demona: This... thing.... will set you on fire! A combination of chilli slices, chilli powder, and salty soy sauce. Dogma's own made TNT! Even a chilli gobbler like myself, had to KAU-TAU (salute!) to this TNT because my throat and lips were on fire!

Demona: Dogma introduced this set menu to me: Pineapple Rice Set A. Only SGD 7.80!! It comes with rice, fish, chicken, spring rolls and green curry, dessert and a drink. He said that it was cheap and the portion was huge. One of the most worthy tries that he had on his lunch visits here. So we ordered a set to share as well. It came with two short, bite size deep fried spring rolls, which served as a great appetizer before starting on the main menu. A nice coating of the thai sweet chilli sauce would give a great finish to these crunchy goodies!

Demona: This was the buttered pineapple fried rice, sprinkled with some meat floss on top. The rice was not oily and sticky, thus you would not feel nauseated after a few spoonfuls. They made sure that the cooked rice would not overpower the flavours of the rich, flavourful, creamy dishes served along with the set.

Demona: This was the pandan chicken. This was yummy-licious! I could tell that the chicken was deep fried and then grilled with a layer of sweet sauce and sesame seeds, wrapped with a pandan leaf. Dogma and I were growling at each other, both wanting to grab more bites of this kick-ass dish than the other.

Demona: The green curry was delicious as well! It is hard to tell from the picture, but in fact, there were quite a lot of chicken slices hidden beneath this rich, spicy, creamy coconut based curry. The curry was so good I think that I coated it with just about anything.

Demona: This was the fish with chilli sauce. These fresh fish fillets, deep fried and drizzled over with sweet thai sauce. *drools!*

Demona: This was the complimentary dessert given, boiled softened sweet potatoes, drizzled over with rich, creamy "santan" (coconut). I took a bite of it, and it was sweet. However, the whole starchy coconut factor just deterred me from eating it further. Dogma finished it off for us :)

Verdict: Total cost was SGD 10.80! So, divided by two persons.. only SGD 5! I doubt that we can get Thai food in many places for SGD 5/pax. Writing this post, looking at the pictures, is making me tummy growl, salivate, drool, grrrrrr! I'm sure that Jai Thai will have more visits from us in future!

Good effort, you guys! You represent one of the few F and B operations ever who give great quality food at very affordable prices.

7 Clover Way
(Jln Pemimpin)
Tel: 6 258 0228

Email : enquiry@jai-thai.com
Website : http://www.jai-thai.com/index.htm

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