Sunday, August 31, 2008

Home Cook @ Clementi

We've been eating in quite a fair bit since Dogma lost his job.
Well, no matter how gloomy is the day, the tummy still has to be pampered, albeit in a more thrifty way...
Bagel@1.50SGD: Bought from cold storage, lacking in the chewy-ness and fragrance found in freshly baked bagel ( where could you find freshly baked bagels with toppings here in Singapore?) A tad hard and stiff for my liking. Man i miss those New York/Holland Deli where fresh bagels were topped with assorted ham/cheese/cranberry sauce/ smoked salmon and served with a good old cuppa in a sunny afternoon! Meow!!
Salmon Belly Strips cooked 2Ways@3.00SGD: Bought from Cold Storage. These strips of fatty Salmon belly is really, well, Fatty.. Season with some black pepper, salt and put them in the oven for 15minutes and you can hear the oil crackling and let the Salmony aroma filled up the kitchen. Slurpy, but not for the faint hearted. Artery Clogging yumminess!

Salmon Belly Strips in Tomato Sauce: Pan fried the Salmon belly strips with some Sarawakian whole black pepper till golden brown and drain some of the excess salmon oil, Add some freshly prepared mustard sauce +pasta sauce and bring to boil. You'll get a cheap and hearty fish soup in a jiffy! Thicken the soup and it could be a great dip for the bagels/bread or pasta as well!
Ham Chips@2.19SGD: Bought a prepacked Ham ends/chips from Cold Storage. You know, those looose bits of ham and the end part that was typically pre-packed and sold a huge discount. Same taste, great value, @ Cold Storage!
Home Made Beef Shank@Dogmama made these solid northern Chinese Beef Shank cold cut. Good to satisfy demona's Trex appetite. Lacking in some spicy pepper/anise (5 herbs) to give it more kick thou.

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