Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sri Manja @ West Coast Road

Demona: After a good workout in the pool, Dogma and I were deciding between a thosai, chicken curry adventure or a trip to some chinese makan areas. Realising that we had been missing some good olde' indian curries, we headed to a nearby mamak, called Sri Manja located at West Coast Road, not too far from where Dogma stays.

Demona: Sadly, these guys were not selling thosai that night. I was overwhelmed with disappointment. We had no choice but to settle ourselves with some roti canai telur (or PRATA as what locals call em' here). The roti telur was average: the bread had a bit of crunch on the outer layer, not too oily, but the portion was quite small. Dogma ordered one more roti canai telur + a roti canai more! WOW. he is one hungry fella' that night.

Demona: We also ordered a sambal chicken curry as well. The chicken was HUGEEEEEEEEEE. I actually thought that it was a quarter chicken, the size that you see in Nandos' or Kenny Rogers. The sambal was awesome! Dogma and I were happily digging out every drop of sauce from the plate.

Demona: A icey cold teh ais to wash and cleanse our palate! Strong taste of tea, and not too sweet.

Demona: My new lil' orange buddy, I named her FORTUNE! Hoping that it'll bring me fortune in my work along the way. However, she was returned to the owner, and I'm taking over a black punto instead.

Demona: The interior of two door car was quite nice, sporty, chic-looking, with a roof opening. I was still getting used to driving the car, it's too gagdety for me!

Verdict: The meal: 3 rotis, 1 drink, 1 huge chicken cost us SGD 8.60. Cheap! This place is also fairly quiet and homely, a nice place to grab a bite, supper without hectic noises, hustle bustle and chaos.

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