Saturday, August 9, 2008

TataChila Cabernet Sauvignon 1998

TataChilla McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 1998
This is my second and last bottle of Tatachilla Cab Sav 1998. Comparing the tasting notes from the winemaker, and my 2 bottles, it is interesting to note the bottle difference. It appears to me that the second bottle is suffering from bad bottle storage as the change in style was too drastic to be a result of bottle evolution.

winemaker's notes:

Intensely dark in color and appealingly bright in flavor, with pure currant and delicate herb flavors mingling on a smooth frame. Tannins are nicely submerged and the fruit prevails.

My first bottle review on October 2007@ here
Eye: Inky dark Red
Nose: Intense, complex nose with Tobacco, Blackcurrant and slight hay/vanilla
Front Palate: Silky, Succulent Fine grained tannins
Mid Palate: Structured with integrated blackcurrant/spice
End Palate: Medium to Long finish

Second bottle review: on Aug 2008:
Eye: Inky dark purplish red
Nose: Raisiny, portish nose. Big. Some tobacco and black currant after some aering. Not much evolution.
Front Palate: Still portish on the palate. Lacking of the elegant entrance of the first bottle.
Mid Palate: Some leather and herbs.. tannins was pretty smooth. no spices detected
End Palate: Medium to Long finish
Verdict: It was too prunish on the nose and lacking in elegance found in the first bottle. Not very enjoyable.

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