Monday, July 28, 2008

Sari Bhuana Babi Guleng 2@Kuta

After our first meal of Babi Guling in Sanur, we were not totally satisfied yet and long for a better babi guling stall with more kick...One of the cab driver recommended us the Sari Bhuana Stall in Kuta while driving us back to our hotel. Our mind is set and we went down again to Kuta to try this Babi Guling on our last day in Bali just before our flight.

A lil bit about the stall: The stall is just a tiny little stall by the road side in between some hardware shop. There are some small wooden hut/pondok behind the stall, right beside the hardware stall storage area for diners to dine in. It's quite an unique experience dining within the compound of some storage area while enjoying excellent babi guling.
The head: This beautifully charred head of 6 months old babi guling greeted us upon entering this small little stall by the road side. The head looks crispy, clean and fresh compared to other stalls. The body: Another view of the babi guling. From this angle it looks like a decapitated doggie/hyena head. yew.....

The liver: We did not order this as eating extremely black liver is not exactly my cup of tea.
The meat: Babi Kicap: This is very good! The meat was well marinated in soya sauce (kicap) and some spices before being grilled and stirred fried till dry and crispy. It's a tad oily with tons of oil dripping but hey, the taste of this babi kicap is very similar to our Char Siew but 4times better!

The sausages: Meat + intestines + what not wrapped in some pork intestines. Pretty tasty, but a tad fatty. You could taste chunks of pork fats in the sausages.
Coke: Our only fizzy drink for the entire trip.. great after an long walk under the scorching sun

Sari Bhuana @Jl Raya Tuban 85XX, Kuta, Bali

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