Monday, July 28, 2008

Charcoal grilled corn@Sanur beach

Demona: Hi readers! I'm truly sorry for the recent lack of foodie write ups. Been busy travelling like crazy... hectic! I was burnt out almost everyday after work and the first thing that I want to do is to hit the sack. I have yet to settle down for good, so I'm anticipating hectic months ahead.

Thank god that the long awaited Bali trip had finally arrived. At least, a part of my worries was blown away for the few days. Poor Dogma, even in the romantic island, romantic atmosphere, romantic music, romantic food, romantic bla.. bla.. bla.. his mind was not at peace due to the challenging work period on these past months. Nevertheless, we both made efforts to resassure each other and made the best out of Bali, Oh Bali!

Alrighty, enough on the emotional rants. Time to zoom into our growling tummies! Despite the heavy dinner meal at Reggae Club, the burnt fragrant aroma of the charcoal grilled corn nearby tingled our nostrils. The uncle sat on a dwarf-like wooden stool, fanning away the burning charcoal to grill these corns to perfection! Kinda' like how one 'panggang' a satay! The picture of the uncle working its magic is currently in my camera and this idiot left her cable in Singapore. I will post it up once it's transferred into my PC.

Demona: Oncologists would frown until all their wrinkles would appear, if they see anyone eating this! Food that comes in contact directly with the charcoal is bad for health... but hey... one corn wouldn't hurt! (OOPS! Didn't we just eat some charcoal grilled satays an hour before that?)

Demona: The grilled corn was completed with a thick brush of butter and sweet thai sauce, much like brushing a layer of varnish on a sandpaper polished wood. And I tell you... the taste was AMAZING! This was just a simple meal but.. it brought me back to my childhood days when my mom used to buy us butter coated steamed corn from the night market and we would gleefully munch them down like hungry hamsters!

The sea breeze was so strong that we had to wear a few layers of shirts to keep ourselves warm. The skies were always clear even at night, and the stars glistened like sparkling diamonds. It may sound ironic but the whole setting: munching grilled corn, messy blown hairs, ugly sleeping clothes, sandy feet... was actually undeniably, ROMANTIC.

Awhhhh. :)

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