Monday, July 28, 2008

Take away breakfast@Sun Moulin Bakery

Demona: My dear aunt bought some pastries from Sun Moulin at KLCC on the night that we drove up to KL. We were going to board an early flight the next day, therefore the pastries served as a back up to curb any potential strike in hunger along the way. We bought a cup of coffee at Mc Donalds (which was DOUBLE the price of an average coffee in the local outlets, ridiculous!), sat there while flipping through the weekend paper, and munching Sun Moulin pastries.

(paying RM 10 and above for a measly fast food meal was just unworthy for our wallet, we'd rather starve a little while longer to have a good meal in Bali instead)

Demona: This was the chocolate cream bun. This pastry was absolutely horrible. The bun was hard and dry, and the sweetness of the cream was too powerful that it overpowered the flavour of the chocolate. I forced myself to finish it up but in the end, a small portion was left behind because it was just too hard to swallow down. Total failure. Even a simple, cheap, kiddy-like TWIGGIES (from Gardenia) would easily win hearts compared to the Sun Moulin chocolate cream bun.

Demona: This was the apple strudel. The first pastry shattered all hopes for a good wake up breakfast meal, and honestly speaking, my appetite for this pastry had tremendously reduced.

Demona: There were a few slices of softened apples coated with custard cream inside it. The inner ingredients were average, nothing to shout about and all great bakers out there would agree that overnight danish pastries are a BIG NO NO. The outer pastry was cold, hardened, and the flakiness aspect was not there anymore. They were all sort of glued together. Dogma was the quiet but smart one. He only took a small rat bite and left the rest to me. In order not to waste my aunt's good intentions, I tried to, at least eat most of them up.

Verdict: I do know that Sun Moulin pastries are slightly more expensive than the average local bakeries around. This bad experience definitely does not make me yearn to try more of their products, at least for the near future..... unless an unexpected chance come by me and I taste something yummylicious from them.

3rd Floor Isetan Suria KLCC, KL - City Centre
Opening Hours: 8am-10pm
Phone: 03-23820310

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