Monday, July 28, 2008

Denpasar Badung Market

Upon the excellent lunch at Cafe Teduh , we continued our walk amist the chaotic traffic.
Peet Peet Peet and blaring sound of motorists honking away...
It was a goood 20 minutes walk before we reached the Denpasar Local Market.

The ground floor was selling all sorts of meat, fresh fish, vegetables and local delicacies.
The dessert Stall: A myriad of colour sweet starch thing..

Local Dessert: I aint sure what is this called but Demona mentioned that Anthony Bourdain had this as well during his Bali Trip. Basically, it is just a mix of syrup, Goeey Sweet Potato starch, Gooey Green Starch, Gooey Black Glutinous rice Starch, Gooey Pinkish Starch + 1 chunk of ice. Basically, this is plain sticky starchy stuff with sweet syrup. We did not like it as it was very gooey, very sweet and not warm/not cold kinda weird dish. We barely finish a quarter of the bowl before returning to the stall owner. We bought this for RP2000 and paid for another bowl to a young girl who was asking for money from us.

Mixed Rice Stall: We did not had this but the sausages, jackfruit salad sure looks appetizing! However, with some flies flying around and everything looks jerky, Demona and I wasn't too adventurous this time. Probably next trip!

PS: At the second floor of the market where they were retailing dry goods such as spices, josssticks, rice etc, I almost got conned by a stall owner who was about to sell me a pack of Vanilla stick + Saffron for RP300,000. The price we saw at a hypermart in Kuta for the exact same package was you guess what..... RP50,000!!!!

thank you demona for preventing from being conned. You know boys aint know how to shop and bargain.

Additional Info of the market taken from the web:

Denpasar means, ‘by the market’ and the biggest market in Denpasar, is Pasar Badung. Pasar Badung has 4 floors in a giant concrete structure that is rather like a parking structure. Different floors carry different goods, starting with the fruit and veg market outside. Inside the first floor is a large fish market

Pasar Badung
Where it is: Its in Denpasar of off Jl. Gajah Mada
When it is open: Open all the time, but different activities happen depending on the time.
Best time to visit: A day its not raining, between 8am-12 noon. Plenty of snack food vendors.
How much does it cost to get in: Free. 500rp for motorbike.
What’s there for a westerner: You might find a sarong or tishirt on the 3rd floor for a girt. Great photo opportunities.
Distance from Kuta: Taking Jl. Iman Bonjol it takes maybe 15-20 minutes to get there, depending on traffic.

The fish market: Fish fresh and slightly salted fish in bamboo basket. Wicked!
The Butcher: This is shocking. Pieces of pork meat by the tray on the market floor. It was 3pm then and i wonder how fresh the meat is as there is no ice and fridge around.
The florist: Balinese are mainly Hindus. They would offer these flower and incense offering daily at their door step, shops, stalls.. almost everywhere.. The amount of fresh flowers used daily is AMAZING

Girlguides: some girl guides marching at the shades by the muzium. This reminded me of my secondary school days where i would march every day during recess to prepare for some stupid camp... childhood memories

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